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Design 19, is a bespoke furniture and design organization. We provide unique and custom pieces to complement and transform any space. Each facet is analyzed to provide a plan that combines practicality with desire. With a team possessing decades of experience, and an innate passion for their work, we are always looking to channel those qualities into the space given.

Design 19 originated as a boutique furniture studio looking to provide a different perspective on how furniture can be unique yet comfortable and practical complements to the home, as opposed to an item that serves a simple utilitarian function. Since its inception it has grown into an organization that not only provides simple yet alluring pieces of furniture, but complete design solutions. A one stop solution to have any space evoke the feelings you would like from it. This attention to detail and imagination has resulted in a clientele that has complete trust in us to deliver.

We also provide construction and development consultation for any tasks that require being built from foundation to completion. In conjunction with some of our strategic partners such as AAA PVT Ltd. (one of the most renowned construction management companies in Pakistan) we ensure any task given to us is done efficiently and professionally. This mantra has allowed Design 19 to build a prestigious clientele.

Rita Sabiha Hasan

Founder/Director and Interior Designer